Grim Reaper by Jackie G.


Love was in the air. You and him were the only people breathing. The world stopped for the of two of you. For your adventure seemed so endless. Those late night calls, those cute texts  you would get butterflies for, your story seemed so unreal. And it was. It was unreal because he isn't just some dream guy, to "good" to be true he's the Grim reaper. Waiting to feed off your cries and your heartaches. He is not a man but a beast that gnaws at your soul. Waiting, waiting, and waiting for the right time to pounce and break every piece of happiness you ever had. Don't fall for his looks and that deep soothing voice, don't let him leer you in. Because once your caught you have no escape. Your soul is his, your heart has his named burned onto it. Your body is his sacrifice that you gave him. Remember those times you cried because of a stupid fight, because you thought you lost him and you would say what he wanted to hear. He fed off those words and labeled you, weak. Don't you realize he is the Grim reaper he has no soul because it was taken from him from a woman he once trusted. She was a rare young woman, who was weak but he saved her from the darkness that was eating her alive. He gave away his pride, his heart. She was ice, cold as corpse but he was fire hot as the devil himself. She became warm. Melting to his voice, loving every bit of him. Some days the fire wasn't balanced and the ice wasn't cold no more. She needed her addiction to live which was poisonous water but he didn't like the thought of poison in her, he called it suicide. He thought by letting her drink the water, he would lose her. He told her if you love me, you don't need to drink the water our love will keep us together and we will survive. She didn't listen she drank the water one last time and it broke his heart, but he loved her, he couldn't hurt her. So he left her but she was empty and broken and couldn't survive without his love so she died loving him. He realize he lost her and took his soul and heart with her. He has loved since but no one like her. He has not done sacrifices for anyone like he did for her. But don't you get your just another victim. Just left to be broken and rot. Die of pain, die of thirst of wanting his love. He won't go back and not even take a second glance. Move on. Love while you can. Believe me. You might question me. You might ask how do I know all this? Well I'm the girl who died loving him but I was reborn to hold his heart forever. He is the Grim reaper, he has no soul.
Keep your eyes out because you might be his next victim.


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