Good grief

Why is it hard to find hope?

I haven't smiled in a minute

This darkness ain't a joke

Been trying to find light, but the switch done broke

Crawling around trying to feel for a lamp

But the genie done croaked

Like my voice, trying to stay high off the drugs

You don't know pain, until you want to die

You don't know death, until you're


Light up the blunt

Pour some Henney for my nigga Stacy

Took two clacks to the back

He was only 16

Now I'm empty, filled with dreams

That never got to happen

Shit real, but I'm wishing that it wasn't

Grades slipping, but I don't give a fuck

Pardon me for going into detail

757 is a living hell

No God can save me

I'm just out of his


This poem is about: 
My family


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