Grey World


Another dimension 
Filled with black
Black walls
Black bars
Black boys and girls
Black cars sitting on the corner
Waiting for their helpless victim
To exit the black drugstore
Black guns 
Being held by the hands 
Of a black kid
Aiming the barrel
At his innocent black victim

Another dimension 
Filled with white
White clouds 
White walls
White boys and girls
White women gathering
At the front of the beauty parlor
White men reading their newspaper
While getting their shoes polished
White children playing on the playground
Laughing and getting along

Another dimension 
Filled with red
Red blood 
Red stamps
Red fire
Red puddles
Created by the blood of an innocent person
Red fire in the black man's eyes
Bullets flying from his barrel 
Red blood spewing from the hole 
The hole that is now in the little boys head
A little boy on the porch playing 
Playing with his action figures
For the first and last time
Red stamps on the file
The file that puts you in jail 
Wait was the victim black
Oh well put him in a holding cell for a few hours until someone comes with bail.
Blood flowing from the superficial wound
The wound of an old man
The wound that was caused by a stray bullet
The fire in his eyes 
The red of the stamp 
The red of the blood that will never be cleaned
Was the victim white 
Sentenced to life without parole

Another dimension
Where everything is grey
Grey smiles
Grey hands
Grey hearts
Black people
White people 
Coming together as one 
Black people 
White people 
Forming one race
Under the sun


This poem is about: 
Our world


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