Grew Up to Fast

I wish to be innocent

Now I look back at the things I did

Clocks tick faster

The mistakes plaster


Starting young

From age one

Where I begun


So small

So sweet

So dumb

So nieve 


As I grew

I heard the lies

Don't worry

Mommy and daddy are fine


A marraige ruined 

A family in tatters

Lost love

What really matters


I grew quick

I just have too

Watching my brother

Missing my mother


She worked long hours

And dad back in Iraq

Grandma and grandpa

Watching my sisters back


An awkward girl

She learned to write

pains and joys on paper

painted in graphite


She grew up young

She grew up fast

Now she craves to be

A child again


The childhood bliss

The sweet parental kiss

The small world

I dearly miss


The family still there

The family still cares

But I missed so much of my past

I grew up too fast

This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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