Grew up

I never noticed till now

how things had changed.

I never noticed that the things I took pride in

where ultimately nothing.

I never noticed when...


When I grew up.


What happened to little girl that like to play

till the sun set?

What made her stop caring 

for the injured and weak?

What had tainted her purity?

What ever happened to that sweet little girl?


She grew up.


She and I where once the same,

and now we have only the world to blame.

We had watched as men burned the world.

We had seen the suffering of other little girls.

It was then we learned that there is no black or white,

 wrong or right,

a man living without plight.

There is only gray and men.


It was then we grew up.


Our beliefs where no longer the same

for one of us had changed.

One of us had learned

that not everthing in life was a game.

We learned that man doesn't want to be saved.


That little girl and I

grew distant

as my views became more realistic.

It wasn't long before we were faced with death.

It wasn't long before she faded away.

It wasn't long before my childhood was ripped away.

It wasn't long before I was forced to grow up.


As I aged I often wondered

what would have happened if my views didn't change.

If I had stayed a little girl.

If I remained blind to the

affliction that was man.

I guess I'll never know since...


...I grew up.




This poem is about: 
Our world


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