my name is undiagnosed have no idea whether i exist or not.maybe i do.maybe i don't.maybe you're just paranoid, and you think i'm here when i'm not.or maybe you're just underestimating your pain, and you think i'm fake when i'm not.maybe it's too soon to self diagnose merely based on web searches.or maybe it's too late and any reasonable self solution is out of hand.maybe what you think about yourself is not what a medical professional would think about you.maybe me, as an entity, is something completely ungraspable to your mind.i might sit on your shoulder like a shadow, inexplicably weighing you down.i might perch on your head, looming over your eyes and shadowing anything you see.i might hide inside your ears, turning everything you hear to discouraging whispers.i might only exist inside your head, tricking you into thinking the worst and losing it all.but only maybe.because,you might just be in a slump- everyone has to be sad might just be on your period and your hormones are might just be sleep deprived, and the tiredness is slowly wearing you might just be stressed from homework and relationships and extracurriculars and contests and everything else on your cluttered plate.but maybeit is me.and you'retoo blindto see. 

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