Greet the day

      Lets just say I am not a morning person 

as the sun presisly rises, the photosynthesis with it to stay

but my beauty sleep wishing it away,just so I may sleep another day,

..closer to the adult life, say hello to the great "Bill of Rights",

to the land of the free and extra labor just to help feed ...


The sun now setting on the beautiful horizon, just to catch our eyes on ...time

I then fluff my pillow after over stuffing my stomach,

so if I may ask for just one more day, to catch my breath

it would be very delightful, to not have to fight for beauty sleep

But ill be nice,ill continue my hard work and greet the day... after day,

cause the good part is being able to wake up to write another beautiful piece of poetry ,

i may say 

This poem is about: 


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