The Green Inspires Me

Once the dust of sleep is relieved from my eyes, my first thought is green

This gets me out of the warm, comfortable area where I sleep

 I leave my room and hear my grandma go through the same routine

The green taken from her for she can no longer… keep


When I was six, I got really sick. The only person who took care of me was my sister.

She stood by my side with towels and a can 

If only she had money to assist her

She could finally be part of the nurse clan


My older brother was the strongest one 

He carried the weight of the world on his shoulder

But even he could not afford the life that he had begun

Life had passed him by day by day as he grew older


He held his head up high

My Uncle also had pride, he carried me and filled me with positivity

When the different colored papers appeared on his table it was the first time I saw him cry

I finally saw that he was unstable, his heart had finally been overcome with negativity


If I can help them I would be a hero

My sister could finally follow her dreams

If I had the dinero

If I had the green my brother would no longer have to work with the machines


This is what drives me 

I think of what I can do to save the man who is overcome with sadness

This is what drives me to the best me I can be

I would finally have elite status


I could travel back to my homeland of paradise

Drive that blue Lamborghini that I have always dreamed about

I could buy anything no matter the price

This is something to dream about, This is something I will never doubt

This poem is about: 
My family


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