The Green Grass Is Alway Other Side

Unlucky me, that was in the poor family.

Unlucky me, that was the fat kid in our school.

Unlucky me, that was an outsider.

Unlucky me, that whatever step I make everyone will large.

Unlucky me, that was be friends with girls other think bad about it.

Unlucky me, that I can't speak English very well.

This was I this my life start to change.

Lucky me, that got to come to U.S.A..

Lucky me, that got to school.

Lucky me, that have smart friends.

Lucky me, that have nice teachers.

Lucky me, that got to learn like other.

Lucky me, that have friends with girls.

Why? My teacher say, " I'll tell who you are. If you tell me who you hang out with."

At That time, I try my best to hang out with the A+ students.

Most of the A+ students: they are girl, less be guys

So I got no chance.

The only chance to hang- out with the smart  students.

No matter who they are.

Most of the students; they will have things in commanded.

I not only hang-out with them but we help each other like family.

No matter who you are the pass.

The matter now if who you chose to be.

Lucky me, that find your guy at the



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