Greek Mythology & the Study of Soulmates: Plato’s Symposium,

Obsidian sky holds

silver remnants of past.


Wind carries whisper,

dew answers in soak.


Plato echoes in breeze:

Two was one,


once. Singular

units of superhuman


held too much power

within four arms,


two heads.

Homo Sapien:


two wise;

too wise.


True strength

rings within


singular heart.

Durable enough to pump


through doubled veins.

Holds intense infatuation.


Stark lightning strikes

divide Pollux & Castor;



Zeus, father, murders


in own blood

pours from bisect.


Lacerated Castor,

permanent plunge to


envy green ground.

Wet, cold, hidden.


Pollux stands, face of

clouds above


I reach for

try to comfort.


Wave of heat washes,

crimson sky fades in


I stare towards

morning sun — mourning son.


As I stand, realization hits

I begin to understand


continuous search

for finding another self.


Plato teaches me,

shows unfulfillment


lies within everyone.

Universal suffering;


look for the other half

violent tears


from me.



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