For Greatness


United States
39° 14' 29.2776" N, 84° 28' 11.1576" W

You begged, and pleaded, and wished for the world on a string.
And instead they presented you with a sorry ball of yellow yarn.
So you decided to "make the best of it"
And proceeded to knit a sweater of hope:
but the yarn wasn't enough
and you arm was too fat to fit through the hole.
So you wore it as a cape, but they protested
You are not a hero.
Heroes wear red-
Like blood and anger and vengeance.
That's not you, a sorry shade of yellow-
not bright enough to represent the sun
a sun strategically hidden by clouds.
"Maybe it's better this way.
No pressure for greatness."
They sang as they put every last villain in chains.


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