The Greatest of Masterpieces

I was once asked what I think God's greatest creation is. Some say people, chocolate, music, naps. She said love, he said Disney World, I said words.

I recieved a look that was similar to that of a baby eating a lemon for the first time. Yet, I stand by my choice. Of course, being the odd one out, I had to explain why.

The sweet irony of describing the beauty of words is simply indescribable. Etheral. Eunial Elysian. You can watch as my eyes begin to scintillate, displaying how infalliable words are. Numinous. Nefelibata. Nubivagaunt. The eutony of hearing my absolute favorite word.

Psithurism (noun) 

"The sound of the wind through the trees."

Explaining how the perfectly constructed sentence feels just like a frigid drink on a baked day. How it snakes through your body, reviving what is empty in your stomach, 

Yet with poetry, it resurrects what is empty in your soul.

The feeling of redmancy when you build the perfect sentence like a skyscraper. Each block a cornerstone, which without, you'll experience a serious case of lethologica.

I suppose, in the end, I'll have an eternal aeipathy for words.


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