The Greatest Lie Ever Told "Behind The Curtain"


They say yeah kid, I feel you. Mistakes pleaded upon by cheap lips. You won’t feel me until you are presented as misunderstood; cheap lips that prefer to distort the truth and create lies, heavenly lies received as misunderstood from the point of view of my pencil. I sketch out shattered dreams easily with a stencil, painting some strange depiction of your truth but to me it’s a lie.

 Yeah but they feel you though, greatest lie ever told from the lips of a man with a battered face whom does not know life aside from the strange woman’s bed he sleeps in. With guilt on his brain lying to his poor wife and neglecting his own offspring. The same man that smokes his etched pain away with every lie another puff of his lit cigarette, every puff is just a simple substitute discarding the plea for help. Every lie is just adding on to the collateral damage to the corrosion of the sanity he once obtained, severing all ties to the slur of the word family, tearing the ligament; words such as LOVE cut deep into his nerve. Now he sleeps alone, the only piece of innocence he obtained is slaughtered on the gristle pavement.

But yeah we feel you though…You can’t understand me until your friends are plucked at the root of love; love soon births hate and now I’m conceived from the best of both worlds, forever seemingly contradicted. Plain Jane’s that were insecure but now become easily influenced by the gentle touch of a man with distraught details on the mind, nine months later she died birthing new life, and he so poorly runs the streets, disregarding his son. Now kid who do you have to depend on? The same critics that miserably exclaim your name? What they call you son? Helios? Still you’re only just a boy tethered by the womb of his mother… pain. But still they say I feel you Rogers? You can’t understand what I say until the figment of your imagination becomes so vivid that it becomes reality. Your nightmares are just a disillusion of a lullaby melodically sung by nature. Yeah, they feel you though. Devil in a new dress, with hot red lipstick whispering enriched truths into my ear, or distorted lies…they feel me…greatest lie ever told.



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