Greatest impact in 2016

I would like to give a big thanks to the ones that tried to pull me down

even deeper than the cold, hard ground

Though the fall made me very weak

I always had my soul to keep

You tore my wings 

but forgot I had feet

and even if it was hard to keep going when I wanted to stop

You gave me the motivation when you ordered me to walk

I'm so thankful for the scars you made on my skin

but even more thankful for the words you cut me within

All of you who thought you tore me apart

the ones who thought you got through my heart

You gave me strength and gave me hope

that the next year to come

I wouldn't be the same girl anymore

I'm eternally thankful for all of you who pushed me down

and throwed me in a big pool of your cruelness so I could drown

But the fall taught me how to get up

so thank you for teaching me to never give up.


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This is beautiful. 


Thank you!!

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