The Greatest Gift

Wed, 08/21/2013 - 09:51 -- josholm


The greatest curse in the world
is also the greatest gift that you
can give to anyone.

It is the gift of creativity,
something that cannot be passed down
or taught. It is pure and raw imagination.

It is a gift because
of the simple fact that raindrops
look like the tears of angels and feel
like the intense burning of a bad break-up.

It is a gift because
apples are seen as evil
and pumpkins can whisk people away
and clocks can reveal to a man
a life that he has lived, has yet to live, 
and will not live because of his decisions.

It is a gift because
it teaches children to view the stars differently,
and how a simple ride to school can bind a friendship over the years.
It speaks of how a mad man can be your friend,
and how music is the tunnel in which our unspoken thoughts travel.

But this gift, this creativity,
is a curse, simply because 
in our heads, even we have all of these thoughts, 
thoughts of freedom and dreams of happiness,
the world isn't ready for everything.


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