The Greatest Blessing


The greatest blessing

     Is also the very curse

A wedge driven between two worlds

     Is the bridge to bind

     The extremities of existence

Who can cross its threshold?

     Who can know its bounds?

He who can measure the East from the West

     Can know the dimensions of its run


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Perfect wrath and perfect love

     Consummate in crucial concord

Transacted from the foundation

     Exacted and contracted without detraction

The Father gave His Son

     His Spirit lacked for none

          And yet the Three are One

Consecrated unto the uttermost

     Vocation without revocation

Perfect Man and Perfect God

     With whom is this world’s unyielding enmity

          Yet every knee will bow to Him

               Who hung upon that tree

For death was His portion

     Death without contortion

          To purchase the expedience

               Of a people of His own

Expiation for those in solemn trepidation

     A new nation of the collective redeemed

Rivers of tears descend

     At the sight of Him who did contend

          With Hell’s fire without relenting

Victory at Calvary

     A hope for the hopeless

          Life and light to the dead and lost


Reflection and Summation:

What is this my heart has found?

     A message old, but not renowned

          Except for in the heavenly veil

               A wall too high for man to scale

For small are we, and thoughts are twisted

     We cannot see what glory visited

          Our humble planet years ago

               God’s perfect grace and love to show

Mercy beckons sweet salvation

     Yet we revile in continuation

          Where is hope for stubborn men?

               Within the will of God, not them


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