The 'Great' United States

I reside in “America, the great”

But hold on, Wait!

That statement is not very true,

Let me explain this to you.


This country was built at the hands of Native American tribes,

However today in this country, they are the least valued lives.

Christopher Columbus came, they followed and stole this land,

The Natives watched it slip away like falling sand.


The National Anthem claims this is ‘the land of the free’,

But has oppressed so many lives, and that’s including me.

The color of your skin determines much more than it should,

The color of mine stereotypes me as ‘hood’.

I’m told slavery and racism are over, that I should be flattered,

But how is that true, if we still have to prove that Black Lives Matter?


We claim freedom of religion, that it’s a guarantee,

Unless you’re a Muslim, as far as I can see.

9/11 was tragic, it hit this country at its core.

However, it started a horrible war.

I’m not even referring to the one in Afghanistan,

Rather to the one occurring on this very land.


Dividing the citizens apart, this country so full of hate,

Judging people by who they choose to date.

Or love, or marry, or who they identify to be.

It needs to be stated, the LGBTQ community is no different from you or me.


We all have rights according to the Constitution,

But I guess this official document is no longer a solution.

You can’t be who you are in this country, even to this date,

Well I mean, you can, if you’re rich, white, male and straight.


I’ve gone a little through the history, so let’s talk about now.

Donald Trump is the President, I still ask myself, ‘How?’

No political experience, so I guess we will have to see,

How much worse he can make it, what will this country be?

From an outside view, in other countries, he seems to be a great fit,

 Because America the great? That’s bullshit.


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country


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