Great Perhaps

  1. Bus Ride

Every house you see, or car you drive by, means at least one person with a life

(that is quite probably just as complex and intricate as yours)

is existing

right exactly now.

And they have their very own memories and opinions

and odds are you will never see, let alone know, of most of them

so yours, mine, theirs, all of ours are just

really not that important.

The result of my entire life

will register as a little blip on the history of humanity

and the history of humans is a little blot on the entirety of the Earth

and the Earth is impossibly small compared to all the empty space in the universe, the Earth is just an organic spaceship hurtling through the sky, and we are the aliens that inhabit it.

We think that we are all mighty because we can think about these things

we think that we actually know how to cheat time and

Knowing all this I realize that sitting here at my computer, right now thinking about my little epiphany is


  very, important.

  1. Don’t Panic

This happened, and even though it is the smallest act, the smallest movement of typing,

it. Is. Not. Nothing.

I could go on to create something, something bigger than myself

that will last way after I am gone.

Even though the chance is very slim,

it. Is. Not. Nothing.

And I am holding onto that chance, that very little slip that may be my shining future,

that I will be able to do something that lasts.

Something that matters.

This is my Great Perhaps, and I am not planning on letting go of it any time soon.

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Our world
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