The Great Man's Walk

Old bearded Eddie sprinted the serpentine woods.

His time-keeper refused to prevent his motion,

The cold earth did not faze his dogged, enduring strides.

Eddie leaped and lunged over the raging river.

The venerable man avoided the desolate vineyards, and ran

Towards the old shack at the end of the woodlands.

The breeze was aromatic and the gale was mighty.

His old limbs pushed forward along the tar-wrapped trail.

A troop of runners followed him along the winding way.

Some walked while others tried to keep pace. None seemed to catch Eddie.

Some men questioned Eddie who methodically endured forward.

Soon an intimidating mountain  arose in front of Eddie and his men.

His old knees, keen to work struggled up the salted-earth.

Eddie’s time-keeper ticked tentatively along the

Barren mound. Soon his gasps grew but the summit was within sight.

The ascent was a treacherous task, for only the strong of heart.

Few men received the honor of reaching the peak.

The wrinkled warrior had no more energy left for the descent.

Eddie crossed his legs and untied his shoes. He had made it to the end

Of his long journey. Now he waits for his followers to join him.

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Who ever wrote this is a boss


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