The Great Fall

The Great Fall


Lost a battle in which the reward, 

Was a tainted mind and a heart quite scorned. 


Chomped my tongue as a painful attempt, 

To hush the venom I spat and said.


Shook and cried, I even died.

Forgot the concept of reality and time...


Couldn't walk, couldn't talk, I refused to eat.

Couldn't write or read the walls.

Some might've said I'd lost it all.


This was my fall, to which I may never rise again.

But, no, no not at all.


I won the war in which my prize,

Was a strengthened soul and a heart that shines.


My tongue as sharp and quick, as it

Ever could have been, yes it is fixed.


I shake and I cry, but I'm alive!

Appreciate the people and love in my life.


I can walk, I can talk.

I eat too much, I write and I read it all.

Some might even say I've not changed at all.

This was my fall to which I now stand tall. 

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