Great Barrier Reef

  He constructed life, yet took so much of it away. 

    16 knows no bounds to motherhood when politicians smother a voice to replace it with another. 

    This new voice cries “mommy” as the 17 year old woman cries “life”.  

    Freedom is not a challenging word to understand when you grow up making choices about your body. 

    She did not choose for a mans hands to be laid upon her. 

But you don’t talk about a women’s decision once a man’s has been made. 

    Woman strives for equal opportunity, a bio-chemistry major is abandoned to provide. Welfare is not provided to freeloaders after all. 

    Girl may grow up without a Great Barrier Reef and the possibility of a polar bear.  

But what good is an ecosystem in a world controlled by political climate. 

    Perhaps if we’re lucky, girl’s name will be Hope. 


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