Grayness (To People Hating Bisexuals)


I am gray

I fall in the middle of you all

The endless abyss of unaccepted

Hated by none? All? Some?

I don't know anymore


I am gray

Neither black nor white

Neither good nor bad

Neither with nor against you

But you don't care do you


I am gray

But I am not mute

I am not blind or deaf

I will speak up for myself


I am blue and I am pink and I am purple

I am the rainbow and I am dark

I am not confused, I love who I love

Isn't that what you told your parents?


Do not judge me within your own judgment

Do not exclude me when you are excluded

Because I am like you and you and you

I will not accept any societies' rules


I live to be myself and I live to love

You live to be YOURSELF and you live to LOVE

But, of course, in your eyes

I am gray


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