In the Gray

It all started years ago

When I decided that I had to let go of my old life

And leave the world of strife

I had to let my life escape me

I had to be free.

Or so I thought.

Truth be told, I was merely scared of all life brought

I didn’t understand that life is a gift worth living for

All I could see was the outline of a door

A door to a different world, one I hoped I’d find a home in

And a world where I could finally belong and crush the solitude that was drinking me up

But before I let myself go, Before I wandered through that door

I stopped and I fell

And as I fell, I grabbed her hand

And she saved me

She brought me in and taught me how to live

She taught me that life was scary and hard

But it was something I could manage

And so, I took that hand and I stopped running

I faced my fear and I have never looked back

She saved my life in every way a person can be saved

She taught me to face the fear

And for that I am forever grateful

Because in the fear

and in the gray

And in the  unknown

Is where life is lived


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