Going threw a roller coaster of emotions
Not wanting to look around
Wanting to fix what I knew would be lost
Fighting the urge to scream and cry ...
To look up and see you
The roll coaster came to a stop
I didn't want to see you
I didn't want to recognize you
I was already on this ride I didn't need anymore to add
I blinked the ride was at its end ..
I cried it was over ...
The ride I had gotten on over and over was finally over...
But when I stepped off you where there
With tears in my eyes I could still point you out
You reached your hand to show me a new ride
It was a cliff
One where you take a leap of faith
You went first
Thought you where crazy
But I jumped too
It was like gravity was pulling me down faster
But... This time it was pulling me towards you
The roll coaster I loved so much seeing it crumble to the ground
Then turning around seeing you made it so much better
Gravity finally got me falling for someone who is at the bottom to catch me


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