62 miles above sea level, I thought I have escaped the reality

62 miles above sea level, I am falling suddenly

I thought I have escaped your clenching grasp

The theoretical force that pulls me and my mask

With a propulsion device, I choose to defy you

Sending me sky high, up with a great view

62 miles above sea level, transcended me to something more

62 miles above sea level, I can still feel your molten core

For a brief moment, up here I see the bright lights

Then, you bring me to a descent and chose to end my flight

Is it intentional? Theoretical? or a Reality?

Cause after all the work and energy, I have slipped into gravity

Falling in a daze like motion, No lifting body to help resist

Even though I cant feel your presence, you truly do exist

Without other the forces, I descend at a constant rate

And all this time I kept wondering about my fate

As I descend lower, my heart beats faster

As I descend lower, you grow only stronger

Here I am nearing my grievous toll  

Here I am still at a constant fall

I close my eyes and accept the harsh reality

You need lots of effort and energy to defy the gravity



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