Somebody said they understood.

It surprised me when they proved it to be true.

I can't believe and can't stand to believe how similar she is to me,

Because quietly she tries to understand everything,

Ignores the razor blades (just like me) and takes assumptions as the truth

(Just like me.)

Pretty little Cassiopeiae

Dancing around our desolate fire giants

Pretending every moment isn't a fight against their gravities

Though we see that in each other and we see each other caring and noticing

More than anyone on my side ever did

I wonder if this is it?

She will never be replaced but as I say this

I get images of combustion and two crying supernovae

We dance our rounds till the lights go out then we lose our patience

With gravities and sink a little further forward.

Closer to each other but farther away from our home planets,

Living with the past and still wishing to go back to it

Together, we dream we'd never had to occur

But it has happened and what happens must do

Orbiters on different planes of existence

Who should never have met, but did because life is unfair that way.

The stars swirl and we constellations spin

Shining brigher but unnoticed, so far away we're never even seen

On Earth.

Not that we know, not that that's our goal.

The sun now revolves around her planets

So do you

And all we want is to shed a little glory on them.

Plural tense, I'd bet that you can guess why.


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