Gravitational Forces of Love and Knowledge


I) The never ending first dimension,
The pinpoint conic depth of the eye
Sinking deeper and deeper into its own black hole
Creating not gravity but the opposite,
Removing gravity from
The vacuum that was the space between us
Releasing our souls (deep within our eyes)
Into the weightless, floating, carefree world
Of simple existence,
And it begins.
II) The souls finally turn face 
to match their polar opposites
They form a tether of love,
Each subatomic particle
Is charged with the purest energy
The lock is complete and in a breath
The souls drift out horizontally to each other
In this second dimension they go around
III) A sphere of unbreakable contact is made
Both hearts quicken
The third dimension begins when the souls meet
And in this dance they take in nothing but each other
This one is known best to those who don’t look for love
The ones that allow love to be free
IV) But an evolved state of love is possible in this space
When the spirit looks back
At the shadow of what it is
And what it once was.
The return to its shell.
No longer a home
But an empty vessel
Waiting for the next voyage
V) Here time becomes the next dimension.
Moving the two incomplete vessels
Throughout their universes
These two small galaxies
With time,
Will collide to form a single universe,
This universe starts to settle
And a third, unified, universe starts to form
This one takes parts from both,
Both the universes, are beginning to look like one


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