I trek across a wasted land with cries of death around.
The crows are mocking at my name, my knees fail, sinking to the ground.
The earth bites into my bare flesh as though it is not there.
Unsanded wood, grease, and sweat are all my skin can bare.
I heave a breath, one more, now three, the air tastes sweet,
my vision clears, a figure is there treading on bare feet.
The rocks bite at his unbound soles, just like they are in mine,
yet not a wince comes to his face, his presence is divine.
From the horizon I take my gaze to focus on this sight,
the path to him is long and narrow, yet it seems so right.
The sharpest rocks are in my way, taunting me to pass,
then to my surprise he comes to me offering a firm grasp.
With a smile he speaks to me in a voice of love,
its soft and gentle yet powerful, alighting on my brow as a dove.
"The weight you bare is heavy, yes, but not unknown to me.
Seek my strength, become weak, and my kingdom you shall see.
There are those of old who have walked along this very path before,
but rest assured at the end you will receive all that is in store.
In our image you were made with a purpose, stop and listen now
Hear your heartbeat in your chest, that is evidence of the vow
For God the Father so loved the world, I tell you this is true
He sent me to earth to live and die and bring this hope to you."
The setting sun is sinking fast below the far off seas ,
his figure shimmers for a moment and vanishes with the breeze.
Yet a voice there is, still whispering sweet secrets in my ear,
"When the night is dark and shadows long, little one, do not fear.
Although you cannot always feel my presence, hold this in your heart:
every moment I am with you, and without me there's no start."
I shoulder up my cross once more, my spirit washed anew.
Knowing that in trials and pain, my future is found in You.


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