American crow hidden in tip of branch calls "caw…"

Birds twittering,bugs buzzing and arguing each,

Earthworms creep in the soil,

Wooden bridge across murmuring weeping creek,

In leafy forest,spacious grassland hill,

A Giant Valley Cemetery.


Beside the curved trail ramps,

Scattered by different sizes and styles of–

Tombstone,altar,vault,cave and mausoleum–

With inscribed texts,ornaments,symbols,and logos.


Long-term exposure to erosion of –

Wind,frost,rain and snow,

Many of unnamed,desolate,dilapidated tombs,

Sketch out a strange landscape puzzle, also add–

Sinister and bizarre atmosphere.


Especially at hollow night blowing by sour gale–

Big ghost howls, little jumps,

New ghost screams,old complains,

Doesn’t matter that –

The hill isn’t high enough,

The village isn’t big enough,

Where there is spirit,there is blessing.


End of bumpy road to final destination,

Live whenever in the moment,

As it is ;Life and Death,

When the life curtain hangs down ,without–

 Applaud,audience,nostalgia and memory,

I am no-being,no-having,and no-sin …‧










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