A Grasshopper's Instinct

A grass hopper leaped on the creature,
I wonder why?
A creature of delicacy, will and choice
Bathes in the sun on the crystals of dirt,
Rocks, stones, cracks, and shells.
Ants roam and bite at her ankles.
She cries, Ow! Ouch! She laughs and cries.
Beautiful and Radiant is the creature;
The sun mocks those who cannot love her;
It shines its light upon her heavenly form.
Her face, her smile, her crinkling nose,
Why, ants, Why do u disturb this gift to man?
Do u wish to fulfill some glorious plan?
She rids herself of intricate torture
Knocking the intimidated critters to the ground
Doing this is not a folly she commits,
But she simply pinches her children with discipline.
The carcass of the worm nearby discourages her,
For she pities the misery it once suffered
And covers its remains to settle her mourning spirit.
Oh blessed is her heart! Full of love! Passion!
Diligent, enduring, and a work of God’s hand
She dips her brush in a bucket of love;
She strokes with her heart, not her hands!
Beauty creates beauty, she teaches,
No one truly gets the treatment they earn
Just a grain of vengeance, on this earth, while they yet live.
The creature is one of mercy;
She forgives, for she is forgiven.
No soul dares hold grudge against her,
Not for long! Even her broken limbs restore!
God is her first, blessed are her second!
Her love boils deep; It flows endlessly.
Man cannot comprehend its magnificence.
But any can experience it; they are bound to!
Even the ants, even the traitors, even the grasshoppers.
A grasshopper leaped on the creature,
I wonder why?


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