Graphite Escape

Poetry has been a special magic for me,

For years it has spoken my heart when my lips could not sing.

I web of words to express my wish to be free

From the isolation depression's cold tendrils did bring.

Through every night and every beating of my lonely heart,

I learned to sing my story in silent scribbles of graphite.

Although my sense of reality seemed to be falling apart,

I felt as if I had the upper hand in this gunfight.

I had tapped into a goldmine of pure inspiration,

I learned to find myself in the rhymes I created.

From the valley of ashes I managed to pull myself together

And away from the darkness that I had dictated.

I didn't need to force myself to survive in this bad weather,

There were things in this life that were happy and better,

And it was time for me to stand up and be my own pacesetter.

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