Dear Grandmother, 

If only I could be as courgeous as you

Struggling from all the things 

You had to go through

Fighting through the bad life brings 

Each wrinkle on your skin

The gray in your hair 

How your body became small and thin

Proven by the bruises that you wear

Some of them came through age 

Others broughtvy stress

Showing every page 

Where your less has become less 

You raised my mother 

Who was soon to raise me 

Making life push you further 

But you showed me everything a woman should be

Only you could make moments so special 

Thats why I am so thankful

Every moment with you was gental 

Even if you thought it was hard to handle 

My favorite things are our walks together 

Something I will never forget about you

No matter the weather 

The skies always feel blue

I hope one day I can grow to be brave 

Or the best I can be 

Givining all that you gave

It is the best thing you showed me 

Love, Your Granddaughter 



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