Grandma's with me


Today is the first holiday,
Without our precious Edna here,
Her favorite part about this time of year,
Was her family being near?

She has her wish this Christmas,
Her family all gathered in this house.
She is watching us with joyous tears,
And it’s melting our hearts

I decided not to look at it as if had a loss,
But as she just went somewhere better our actual home,
We don’t get to see her for a while,
But awhile doesn’t last forever,

My grandma is always with me,
Even when you can’t see,
I feel her arms around me,
Every moment she is with me,

Tears can be sad or happy,
Or just water down the face,
Those tears I shed,
Remind me that my grandma never stops loving me,

My grandma may not be here,
In a way we all desire,
I know she wishes she could be,
But she is way better off,

I wrote this poem,
For everyone to know,
My grandma is with me this Christmas,
And will be for every single one,

She loved to tell me stories
And snuggle up at night,
she always took me shopping.
And out to eat for lunch
She taught me what love is,
And how much she has for me

we always would share Chinese food,
and ice cream in a dish.
And though we can’t do those things anymore,
We still have one special thing,
Just knowing she watches over me,
Every day of the year,
And not having to wonder just where she is,

Cause my grandma’s always with me,
even though we are apart
I know because she told me,
she’ll forever be in my heart

I am writing this for the love,
From a woman so dearly loved,
It was always and forever,
Forever is our love

I love my grandma,
More than words can say
She’s my brightest star,
I know heaven’s never too far away,

I’ll forever have special moments,
I will never forget,
And those amazing times we shared,
I keep replaying in my head,

Every day I look at the sky,
Knowing you’re watching me,
Your hearing my every word,
And your still loving me,
Always and forever.

I am not alone this Christmas because of those words you shared with me,
Our love goes so deep I know you’re here with me,
Its forever and always grandma,
Always and forever!!

My grandma never left me and she told me she never will. I believe this with all my heart and always and forever will.


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