Grandma, Or should I say mama

Grandma how much love I have for you

you took care of me through every avenue 

as much love that would fit inside a beautifuly pumping heart

as much love that would make a heart restart

my love for you is as sharp as a knife 

you play a massive role in my life 

you taught me how to be strong 

not letting our tough life feel like it was long

as you were always by me, happiness never left my side

always waiting with your arms spread wide

you also kept me aparted from bad

and wouldn’t let me feel sad

you kept me focused in school 

So I would never look like a fool

I thank god for the greatest grandma 

Someone that I will always call mama.








This poem is about: 
My family
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The poem I created was to recognize how my grandma played a big part of life as a mother for me when I was a child. 

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