Grandma, my love

yesterday, you asked to stay

then in the morning, you went away.

throughout the day,

my eyes saw gray

just black,

and white,

and blue.

only blue. 


I held your hand, 

and watched your face.

you smiled wide, 

and lost the race

against the time,

your time,

with us together.

slowly then faster,

you had changed the weather.


a brightly colored sunset

painted the sky,

but slowly and surely 

the sun would keep setting.

until the day turns to night,

the darkness once light

would fill the air around us

and wrap us up tight

like your arms around me 

laughter much louder,

filled us with glee

drizzle turned into showers.


lightning and thunder

I watch as you blunder

as if you had done something wrong.

you did nothing wrong,

and I tried to assure you

that everything you’d done

was because of a short stick you drew.


I did love you, but he will love you more.

I know you’re in good hands,

because he wanted you faster.

and thats why you left me,

though you probably cant tell on top of your mountain,

I think of you every time at the fountain.


throwing in pennies, 

and nickels, 

and quarters

you thought me to care

and be kind 

and plant flowers. 

I once sipped from your tea, 

now you slip from my hands.

without you next to me,

my world had turned bland.


slowly, very slowly,

the hard times were forgotten

and left only memories

soft as linens and cotton. 

When times got rough

I think of you.

Grandma, my love,

you help me get through. 

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This poem is about: 
My family


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