Grandma My Hero

Wake up the morning as the sun shines

As you look at me and smile little did, I know it was your time

I thought to myself what I will do without you

It was like a life change that came out the blue

 I wanted to hit a reset button to go back in time

This was going to be a hard mountain to climb

You were one of the women I adore

Grandmother who was more than I can ask for

Days has passed and everything is different now

Wonder to myself everyday how to make now

I didn’t want to start school anymore

I just want to be in my room on the floor

Then hit me that summer after school

My grandma told me that I had a tool

She told me all time that I was smart

Remembering this hit me in my heart

I told myself if my Grandma saw it in me I have it

 I can make it through another school year because I had the wit

She was a very wise and beautiful women in every way

She showed this to the family every day

My grandmother inspired me since the day I was born

Every day goes by I still mourn

She the reason I do good in school

Before she left, she had already given me the fuel

At the end of the fall semester I found out

I had made the Dean list with no doubt

Now I know in my heart to keep my head up high

I know she is still here watching me from the sky

This what inspire me to enter the new phase of my life. 

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