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My grandma
My grandma smokes like a chimney
Her eyes carry heavy burdens
She relaxes in a pool of liquid spirits
Her words are poison daggers piercing to expose guilt
Working for the man both night and day has made her tilt
Time is not her priority and don’t you dare expect an apology
She does not care how anyone feels or what they think of her genealogy
My grandma has a way of placing a crown on my head when she speaks to me
Her watery eyes tell the story of her struggles that encourages me
I only hope I’ve inherited her protective elephant coat
No cruel words or misdeeds can puncture it
Her hair is dressed in wisdom with a beautiful scent of knowledge
These curves I have, I am not ashamed, and these were a gift you see
A gift from her to me
Like a lioness she always protects me
Always ready to pounce on the enemy
Her hands are the branches of hard work and discipline
Sprouting out the appropriate punishment to fit my crimes
She never gives me fast answers or the typical lines
The best gift she gives me is the gift of her time
She is so proud of me, she brags about every little thing I do
I feel a little unworthy, but wouldn’t you too
My grandma is like a rose to me, gentle yet resilient
Once you see past her shield of thorns, you find a love that pure and brilliant.


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