Because of you

I can feel proud

You gave me hope, love, and bravery

Whenever I see airplanes

It reminds me of the things you did

In the navy



Because of you

I can be proud

I can hope for a better place

Whenever I hear classical music

It reminds me of you

When I was little you used to

Sing classical music to me


Because of you

I have courage

Whenever I touch a book

It reminds me of stories

I have written

Base on you

You are the main character

Of my stories

You give my stories a life


Because of you

My life is like a new place

When you are here

When I smell fresh air

It reminds me of you

When you gave me hope

You are a new world

Freshly made


This is why whenever

I think of you

I can feel proud to

Announce you to the world



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