Grampa Scared Me


United States
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I've taken the drive
to Sacred Heart Medical Center
with my father.
The first time,
my life was at stake.
But the second time,
was what nearly killed me.
I was told
my Grampa wrecked his motorcycle.
That he was Life Flighted to the hospital.
My Grampa.
My best friend.
My favorite person.
He's in the trauma unit.
Nobody is saying much.
He's been sedated.
After three hours of waiting,
I can finally see him.
He's awake.
He has a badly injured leg
and all sorts of tubes and wires in him,
but he's going to be okay.
He'll stick around for a little longer.
As I go home,
I'm exhausted from the worry.
And hope to God that I never
have to make te drive
to Sacred Heart Medical Center
ever again.


Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression! 

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