Who knew this day would come

We all go our separate ways

After four years high school is done 

And the world is coming at us today 

I can remember the first day of freshman year

The excitement of being in High School

My best friend and i just couldn't believe we were really here

We truly believed we were going to be so cool

Then sophomore year came

We were no longer freshman 

The cute senior boy asked for my name 

She got an hour added to her curfew ban

Junior year was the best

but what I had with that senior boy became pretend and had to end

We passed our drivers test

And we lost our other dearest friends 

Senior year felt so sweet 

We applied to colleges and hoped to be accepted 

We finally turned eighteen 

Our parents knew we could now be even more trusted 

Then came today

Graduation Day 

We hold our tassels and flip them from left to right 

And I know with no matter what life throws at me 

as long as you're by my side 

everything will be



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