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I sold my soul for corporate goals

And a white picket fence.

Til that day there will be hell to pay

Though I can’t even make rent.

I sold my style for a salesman’s smile

And a fancy pair of shoes.

Not just my clothes, or my “famous” pose

But even my individuality was through.

I sold my dreams for a boring degree

My beliefs for a shining intellect.

No time for art, no days for thought

Only meaningless work and paychecks.

I sold my heart to play a tiny part

In society’s loathsome movie

I act surprised and socialize

But no one knows me truly.

I sold my life for a cookie-cutter wife

Who stays at home and bakes.

No personality, no unique mentality

Just a body that is half fake.

I sold my soul for reality’s goals

Of being the “perfect” man.

A job, a wife, a house, “the life”

But is this really who I am?


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