To a Goth Girl's Mom

Dear mom, 
when I went out
you told me to be good
so I’ll make sure to only kill one or two people!

Dear mom, 
when I left
you told me not to stay out drinking
I”ll make sure to bring my dinner home then!

Dear Mom
on my way out
you told me to stay safe
does that mean I should play with poison instead of bombs?

Dear Mom
I said I was bored
you said to entertain myself
so is it ok if I burn the house down?

Dear mom,
when I headed out
you asked if I was going to wear that
You're right, I should be wearing this corset with my other miniskirt thanks!

Dear mom,
this morning
you told me I can’t have Ice cream for breakfast
you're right, I can’t eat it without a good serving of blood on top!

Dear mom,
a few minutes ago
you told me to clean up after myself
Sorry I didn’t mean to leave a body in the bathtub.

Dear Mom,
you said
you always know when I’m lying…
I was telling the truth

Dear Mom,
You told me
you can’t believe I did that 
I’m sorry I know I should kill my victims, if I release them I’ll get caught.

Dear Mom,
I forgot what you said but
you asked me how many more times you have to tell me
….at least three, maybe more.

Dear Mom,
you told me
to go outside and play
are you TRYING to get rid of me? you know I’ll burn away in the sun.

Dear Mom
you're always asking
who’s going to be at the party
but it’s just the usual victims


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