Goodnight vs. Goodbye

Life isn't easy, we all know this

We try to be strong for our friends

And family but sometimes it just gets 

Too hard to cope, and then they miss


You because of your mistake, the one that 

Mattered the most. You felt so                alone

That you felt your only way out was to end it all so

You stopped eating, became skin and bone 


Because you weren't pretty enough or you

Tied a rope around your neck because you 

Listened to what they said and

You believed it was true 


Or you took out the gun that 

Belonged to your dad,

A symbol of protection now

Tarnished forever because it's clad


Completely in bits and pieces of you

Strewn about the floor of the room

That you decided to do it in, but what of

The one that found you there, and that sense of doom


That they had to be filled with when

They couldn't find you, they never would have thought

That you came to that conclusion, maybe you left

Or something, but think of the grief that it brought 


Or you took the entire bottle of 

Painkillers because the pain

On the inside wouldn't go 

Away and you felt insane


Or you jumped from that high windowsill

Or the roof because you felt you didn't belong

And all of your trying wore off because

Alone, you can only be so strong


Or you sat in the garage, alone and quietly

Started the car, closed the driver's seat door

And breathed deeply for a while 

Because you just coouldn't take it anymore


Or you made the decision, searching for

Release, and cut too deep

After saying, just this one last time,

Because now you're in an infinite sleep


Well think of the last moments of these kids' lives

They were lonely, afraid, sad, pushed over the edge

They felt trapped in themselves and 

Let go of the legde.


To some it seems cowardly

Or one last cry for attention

But they don't understand what it's like

And others think it's too touchy a subject to mention


But those people are ignorant and selfish, 

They cease to realize that kids are dying

And in teenagers it's the third leading cause 

Of death, while some of the living are crying,


Not knowing if they can take 

One more day in this place,

But knowing if they do it, within a few

Months they'll be gone without a trace


Because after death, the only evidence we 

Leave behind of our existence is being 

Remembered in the lives of the living,

But the thing that people aren't seeing 


Is that it affects everyone around the 

Poor, desperate soul who took their

Own life, it has impacted my life and those of 

Many others, when we find out all we can do is stare


And think, what can I do now?

That person is now gone, it can't be undone,

They'll never again wake up 

To see the rising sun,


Never feel happiness, sadness, or

Anything at all, and we blame 

Ourselves, but it's not our fault,

And then we start to feel the same


Way that they did, before they took

Those last steps, that last breath, and

Changed our lives, while so many don't know

How serious it is, it's more than I can stand.


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