Goodnight Sweetheart

Hush my darling,

Close your eyes

The whole world is suddenly fading

Once bright blue are blacked skies

Where the stars are now parading.


Rest my love,

And chase your dreams

Though they flitter like a dove

For they are the beauty that sew life’s worn seams.

As time test’s the threads above.


Sleep my friend

It’s all warm and cozy here

For in the morning this peace is sure to end

Though I will always remain near

And to you I will always tend


Sweet dreams my dear

As I kiss you on the cheek

For now you are as fragile as a tear

But tomorrow adventure you will seek

While my love will remain right here.


Goodnight sweetheart

It is getting to be quite late

Soon another day will start

And this will be night’s fate.



Kim Brooke

that's beautiful.


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