Thu, 03/14/2019 - 18:59 -- Cyrus

It was late out. I couldn't stay for long.

This place was getting to me. They made it out to be nice. They talked it up so much.

How could I have trusted them with such a lie? I believed their mistruths! I couldn't stop myself.

Why would?

They said it was best for me. They said they knew what to do. They said they could help!

But what they really did was make things worse. Everything. It all gets worse. Nothing ever gets better.

It's all made up. Look at me now. Scarred. Bleeding. Bruised and pained. Broken, unstable, unwanted!

Just a lifeless corpse, walking the earth with no hope. What was there to have faith in?

Death was all I could understand, so I said my final farewell.


Goodnight. They always said it was like falling asleep.

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