GoodLife to Misery City

A nightmare no one can wake
Where all it seems they do is take…
You know the saying 
The you owe the world everything…
Well from where I'm from
They want it all at once when they come
Lives, money, virtues every valuable from who earned it
Are all taken, it even though they don't deserved it
They never ask 
It just their task
Where even the King couldn't bring them together
Or even made anything much better
Where the few stars born start
But are always torn apart
There are more judges than defendants
Life and crime is Vice-Versa's main tenants.
Where the weak are eaten alive
And where the strongest only survive
The More jails cell
The More military sells
Less and less braves
More and more graves
Less discipline in education
But more deadly contemplation
Though I agree it is small
There not much here at all

Just dismay and anger 

They say theres no strangers
Because everyone knows each other
But why get friendly they won't be here any longer
Many come to seek a simple life
I can say you'll need mary jane's pipe
Especially when finding success
You have to leave like the rest

I often make myself  walk forward

but how comes it seems like it's a step backwardwell, life isn't always straightforward no matter how awkwardI don't really know why I still stay here
But maybe the excuse is fear…. 
I  pray that I break these chainsBefore I ever fall insaneI mainly call it Misery… 
For most call it Albany.

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