Goodbye For Now

Dear Parents,

You raised me from a babe

It’s something I don’t know why you would put yourself through

But you did it for me and for that,

I say thank you.


My brothers and I,

Yes, we’re a handful,

But you love us the same

No matter how we cause trouble.


Now as I’m leaving this familiar house

Into a world in a time very abrupt.

I finally know what you meant

When you said you would miss me when I grow up

But that you’d always be there for me

Because the World is pretty rough.


You told me, “Schooling is expensive

But if you want to get anywhere

It’s important to work hard

And really really care.


I know you really like that boy

And trust me, I like him too.

But just be careful.

To the Lord you must remain true.


You’ve been working so hard.

Yes, I’ve seen you.

Doing your best in high school

To be one of those few


Who makes it the top

And keeps pushing on.

Even when it’s hard

And your motivation is long gone.


I know that it’s scary as you move on,

But your faith will help you to continue

To be a light in this world.”


You wrapped me in a hug,

Holding me tight.

You’re my parents after all.

How could I put up a fight?


You tell me you love me,

“But college is pretty hard.

You know you can always call me

When you need a big hug”.


And with that, my dear parents,

Although it saddens me to say,

Goodbye for now,

I’ll see you another day.


This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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