Goodbye Mom

Because I love you I had to let you go.

You left me broken like the shattered bottles in your room 

Mommy, you told me that the bad men would leave us alone soon.

But it was all a lie.

You may scream and cry 

and ask "why did my baby leave me?"


Mommy, can't you see?

It's because I love you and you never loved me.

You let them hurt me, you let them hurt you.

You hang your head and have no clue how

to love even though you want too. 

But I do, I know because I love you.


Because I love you I will never let you go,

I will always cheer you on and let you know

that you are not alone in this world because I am here

Even though I'm not in your life anymore I will always be near.

Because Mommy I Love You.


Even though the scars and pain that you have caused have not healed 

and your true self-has been revealed

I still love you.

Don't ask me why because I always start to cry when the

thought of you comes to mind. 

Because mom, I love you.


Now it's time for me to say goodbye,

even though hearing these words out loud makes me want to die

You have no idea how hard I've tried to make you see

that you are losing me.

But you just don't care

I see that now.

So mother dear, no matter how I want to hold you near

its time for me to say,





This poem is about: 
My family


Raney Diamond



Reading others poetry based off the theme, "Because I Love You", I noticed that almost everyone wrote about what healthy relationships should look like or what their relationships look like while I wrote about an unhealthy/abusive relationship. Based on that, mine does not seem to fit in. After I submitted it and I read some of the other poems it made me feel like I did it wrong and didn't really follow the intended theme. Do you think that is the case?

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