Goodbye Melanie

We used to talk we used to laugh

Now we are no longer each other halves

You did not want to try 

And it makes me want to cry

I stopped talking while you did some walking

You threw it all away

When we could have found a brighter day

I hate your stinking guts

You dirty little slut..

Your like a thorn in my side 

So I think it is time I say goodbye 

It is time for us to part and,

I am glad because you broke my heart

Your hurt me so...

I will just go with the flow

You are a liar 

With her pants on fire

I did not care...

When you gave me that stare

While I am asleep

You will be counting sheep

Feeling guilty for hurting me

while we could have been sitting around watching PLL on tv

I was just me

while you were acting like a B

I won't like your pics

while everyone is talking about your tits

You said I talked behind your back

But go take one long look in the mirror and you will begin to see it crack

You did not trust

which is what broke us

I see you there with cece 

She look'en kind of beefy

I could say "the end" now

But our story holds only these vows

I promise to remember you, and the memories that we made

Never to hate you even on my worst days

I will thank God every night that you came into my life

I promise your part in my story is no more

You conceited little whore

I promise to smile in your face

So that you are overwhelmed with disgrace

I promise never to forget you 

Because even through it all

you made life one hec of a ball

It is sad to see you leave

But I will just sit here and grieve

You were my best friend, and now it has come to an end

And when I saw you at subway in them flats I thought "Damn, she lookin kind of fat"

My story will continue without you in it, but do not worry

You have someone new, but do not think you are winning..

I have friends too! Like Kiara and Izzy and I can see that it is making you kind of dizzy

You say your missing me but...

Believe me when I say that I do not want you anymore..

Now I will go on and put on some Dior

And the last words I will say is...


Goodbye Melanie because you have now become the enemy!


By: Lilianne Greenleaf




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