Goodbye Master, Runnin'


I arrived out of the dark night
Runnin', runnin'

Runnin' for my life,
I saw left
I saw right
I forgot what was right
Then I decided to go left
Going left was going deaf

I lost my sense of hearing
Runnin', runnin'
I felt smooth tunes
Coming from two rooms
Moving along with the beat
In my bones, in my skin
In my groans, in my chin
Loving the blazing heat
Humming my hymns

I lost all sense of feeling
Runnin', runnin'
A old man yelled,
"What are you runnin' for?!"
I couldn't hear him nor see him
I could only keep moving forward

I couldn't see a thing
Runnin', runnin'
I could taste a bitter bloody taste
Along my tongue, it was the dark barrel
The metal, of the gun

I stopped runnin'
The bullet knocked the taste
out of my mouth
Now I sit here, unable to speak
Nothing to talk about

Then I pick myself up
No longer able to speak
No longer able to see
No longer able to feel
No longer able to hear

I suppose I could smell
To make my way
Made into a dog
For masters play
Like that dog
On that same day
I stopped the pause
With my hate to wait

How about then
I just kept runnin'



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